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lifework alumni: Matthew Caldwell

One of the many things that we love about our lifework community is the diversity of interesting jobs that our members do. Matthew Caldwell is the Co-founder and Creative Director of of Monday Nights, a design practice working with clients in the sports, entertainment and interior design sectors. In his own words "It's essentially my way of meeting some of the world’s most interesting people and helping their businesses out!

When did you join, and what did you love about lifework?  

I joined Lifework in Summer 2023 to give myself a complete creative reset. Working on a farm, surrounded by goats and fields provided the perfect, distraction free atmosphere for me to get my business up and running successfully. No adverts bombard you on your commute and 'searching for a lunch spot' has turned into grabbing some hearty farm-shop grub and going to my favourite picnic bench with a podcast!

What have you achieved while being at Lifework?

I've created some of my best design work to date, and picked pumpkins for the first time. Who knows what's next!?

What’s your lifework balance?

I moved from South London to Bath just over a year ago, and since then have thrown myself into everything Somerset can offer. Plenty of running and cycling — both of which I have improved at thanks to the hills around here. I'm also an Aston Villa fan who loves an ale, but have discovered a new passion for Bath City FC and a local Cider! 

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