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Updated: May 27, 2022

B Corp B Corp B Corp. Where do we begin!

When setting up lifework and thinking about how to build a business with the best impact across people, profit and planet, using the B Corp framework was an obvious choice for Paul. It helps to challenge the business from the beginning, and gives you ideas for policies, benefits and operations that you may not have previously considered. If you are looking to start a business, we couldn’t talk more highly of the B Corp framework. And the best thing about it is it is free – just make an account on the B Impact Assessment and start today!

However that is just where the story begins.

We knew from the beginning that we also wanted to become a certified B Corp (not a necessity when first using the B Impact Assessment!). And to do this you have to score above 80 on the B Impact Assessment, although this process is likely to change from January 2023. You can also only certify once the business has been operating for a year. Therefore for lifework’s first year we were a B Corp pending. This status is given to companies who want to become a B Corp, but have not yet been operating for a year.

It gave us 12 months to implement policies, organise operations, make changes and collect the data before handing in our assessment in December 2021. And 12 months was just enough time! It is a long and arduous process to answer all of the questions, the extra questions and then the extra extra questions that pop up..

And since we handed it in in December 2021 we have been going through the verification process – something we expected to take 3 months but so far has taken 5 and a half. They have sent us more questions that were not initially on our B Impact Assessment, and asked for evidence on other ones. We then had a call with our impact analyst in March. They have truly left no stone unturned! And that has bought us up to now … May 12th 2022 and still awaiting our results. If all goes to plan fingers crossed touch wood we should certify, but we could be in for another round of questions to verify our impact. But if that contributes to us building and offering a better lifework then we’re all in.

But maybe just maybe watch this space!!

If you want to find out anymore about our journey, get some tips and tricks or want advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. B Corp consulting is one of our offers over at lifework impact.

To find out more about the B Corp movement and other B Corps click here

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