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The lifework co-working space

What's on offer

At it's core your lifework co-working community is your local space where life and work are balanced on your terms.

The following icons show the space volume

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Space of your own


Rentable for teams up to 5 people. The space will be yours and yours only with storage and a screen.

Click here for more information

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Designated desks

These are for members that have chosen lifework as a slightly more permanent base for work. These desks will have people's belongings but if they don't then feel free to sit here for some concentration time at a desk set-up. Expect here that people will be chatting on routine zoom / teams calls but may also be more head down doing some work. Book in advance.

Sketch_Communal table.jpg

Open, co-working area

Co-working tables

This is at the heart of the space, a place to see a bit more going on around you and most likely to be a little noisy with conversations going on around the place. A place for those that like to work amongst the buzz, also a place to get your headphones on and see the buzz rather than hear it! No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat. 

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The sofa zone

A snug corner for a bit more of the relaxed working session. Grab an armchair or a seat on a sofa and look for inspiration out the big window. No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat.

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When the weather is kind, the terrace offers an opportunity to work out in the elements. A place to soak up the vitamin D and freshen up your working environment. No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat.

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High tables

More of a laid-back sociable area, no need to book just turn up and grab a chair - so quieter phone and video calls are perfectly acceptable whilst sat here but on headphones. No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat. 

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A little more privacy

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Meeting rooms

These are booked and paid for in advance through our app. Used for the big presentations, important zoom calls, meetings with local contacts face to face. 

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Meeting booths

A little more sound proofed and closed in the main space, a place to have more routine zoom / team chats, a more private team meeting, or just a head down moment to get something done. No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat.

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Hidden nooks

Want to hide away from the bigger room for a bit of time? The hidden nooks within lifework are the perfect space to do so, whether it be for a better zoom background or a bit of peace and quiet. Given the proximity to the other offices you should still wear headphones in this area and be conscious of your own volume. No need to book in advance - just turn up and choose your favourite seat.

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Phone booths

Need a silent focussed zone, either for important presentations or podcast recording? Phone booths provide a quieter setting where you wont be disturbed by other co-workers - at times you will need to book these in advance but at no extra cost - Potential to book in advance.

Sketch_Meeting room-white.png
Sketch_Phone booth- white.png
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Mezzanine and treehouse

These desks are for quieter individual working, but with a view over the whole space, a bit like Pride Rock. They're bookable prior to turning up but if one is free feel free to jump on it and get your head down for the day. Zoom calls are totally fine, just make sure you're respectful of those around you who have chosen this area as a quieter zone - Potential to book in advance. 


Extra bits on the side


The kitchen will be the heart of the lifework space, perfect for making a bite to eat, grabbing a slice of cake, or making your first coffee (or tenth). 


Lockers available to be used by everyone to store all the items you want - coats, bags, snacks - but they will need to be emptied at the end of the day. 

Coffee and cake

At lifework we know the importance of good coffee. It can make or break a morning, right? So we will have a coffee machine using B Corp beans and a barista on hand to help make them with the cost subsidised for lifework members. At times served with some freshly made cake. 

B Corp store

Buying from a B Corp is a great way to know you are spending your money with a responsible company that cares for its social and environmental impact. But sometimes buying from them may include ordering them online and waiting for them to be delivered, which why we’re bringing a B Corp store to lifework communities. We will be selling products that can be used at lifework and some smaller gifts, for that time where you’re off out straight after work but forgot to buy a gift in advance. 


Community projects

Key to lifework communities is the community projects. From repairing and donating bicycles to rewilding the local area, all members will have the opportunity to get involved in the projects that we are running through our partnerships. Wanting to be reflective of our community aspirations, we will also encourage all members to put forward suggestions for future partnerships and projects. 

Hartley Farm, café, restaurant and farm shop

lifework communities is located at Hartley Farm, which is home to a café, restaurant and a farm shop. As part of the partnership we will be offering 10% off at the restaurant for members.  

Events and education

Another vital component of lifework communities will be our events. We hope to host a range of events that cover topics ranging from health and wellness and personal growth to the value of using business as a force for good. Some of these events will be free but some will also be paid for. These will help aid the behavioural and system changes that we hope to see through lifework communities.  

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