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lifework communities is a home for your community at work. It is a co-working space close to home.


We want to help bring balance to peoples’ lives on their terms and build and nurture a connection with the local community and the environment. This means becoming an active part of the community and offering a great place to work but also working to continuously improve and develop sustainable behaviours of our staff but also hep to educate and influence customers where appropriate.

Opportunities for all

lifework communities was created to bring local communities of people together, we want to ensure that we reflect the diversity of the communities we are within. We take the same approach when building our teams. We seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills from the local area. We therefore encourage applications from all genders, races, religions, ages and sexual orientations, as well as parents, veterans, people living with disabilities, and any other groups that could bring diverse perspectives to our business.

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