Who this is for?

In short, lifework is open to anyone who likes good coffee and is looking for a place to work from home, that isn’t home! You might be:

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Local start-ups and freelancers who want to work in a creative co-working space with opportunities to rent out meeting rooms and event spaces

Small teams who want to work near each other without the hassle and excess costs of renting a whole office space


Remote workers from local businesses, SMEs and multinationals embracing flexible working but wanting to be part of a working community close to home


Entrepreneurs who want somewhere away from home to be able to focus and connect with other likeminded individuals

But key to lifework is inclusivity and involvement.

It’s incredibly important that the space is inclusive and reflective of the diverse community around it and we offer equal opportunities to all. This includes the communities’ gender splits, the different ethnic backgrounds, different age groups, job titles, industries to name a few.


It is also equally important that members are keen to get involved with all things lifework communities, from the other members to the local community projects to the events that we put on. If this does not sound like you, then we may not be the right fit.


For these reasons we will be asking for some personal information when individuals look to sign up.