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lifework impact: 3SG

What is your business? We are Bath and North East Somerset Third Sector Group, otherwise known as 3SG. We support charities, community groups and social enterprises across B&NES. 3SG is a membership network of over 220 local organisations that benefit from training, workshops, resources, networking and events, advocacy and support. When did you join, and what do you love about lifework? We joined Lifework earlier this year whilst inbetween office spaces, and we've really enjoyed the opportunity to treat this space as a weekly 'away' day for the team. Having access to the countryside and the animals around us, being in a welcoming, relaxing space and having the fabulous cafe and shop next door has been an absolute dream. We've loved it! What impact has your time at lifework had on your business? Having the opportunity to work in this space has helped us as a team, to gain clarity on some of the larger projects we are working on and to give us space and clarity away from the everyday pressures. It has been invaluable. Lifework has been a reminder of the need to have balance - I think it has encouraged us to work more flexibly and collaboratively and we are taking those lessons forward. What’s your lifework balance?

We have a wide range of interests outside of work, but collectively, we all have a huge love of animals and our furry friends at home - we all love to travel, all love good food and between us there's also yoga, gardening, baking, crochet and fencing!

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