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9 easy wins for life & work in 2024

New Year's Resolutions are overhyped, often falling by the wayside before January is out. Particularly the ones that involve giving things up. But we're all for trying new things, and a new year is as good a time for test-driving new habits.

Here are 9 small things to take up (not give up) to improve both your life and work this year:

  1. Daily breathwork This is something we've been practicing over the last year or so with the help of lifework member and breathwork coach Kieron Jones so we can speak from experience. Controlling your breathing is an incredibly calming tool in times of stress and anxiety, but on a daily basis it can also improve your attention and your sleep cycle. Here's are 4 simple excercises to get you going.

  2. Hydrate No need to tell you that drinking water is good for you. Staying hydrated at lifework will keep your energy levels and brain function up. Ocean Bottle is a B Corp that's helping save our oceans - buy one bottle and you fund the collection of 1000 plastic bottles destined for the ocean.

  3. Daily stretch Regular stretching can help to increase flexibility and reduce back pain. Here are 10 easy stretches to set you up for the day.

  4. Cooking adventures Anna Jones' One Pot One Pan One Planet is a family favourite - full of quick sustainable and delicious recipes. Anna gives you practical advice and shows how every small change in planning, shopping and reducing waste will make a difference. Plus, ultra-processed foods have been taking a battering in the press recently with studies showing their links to diabetes and cancer risks so this year we want to cook from scratch as much as possible!

  5. Time in a room without screens Taking time offline is good for us, balancing out the chemicals in our bodies stabilizing moods, reducing anxiety, and even helping improve empathy toward others. All good things. There is a strict no-screen policy in the new community sauna next door at campwell farm, book a session for some healing heat, a cold plunge and some digital detox all wrapped up in one!

  6. Social connection Research shows that social connectedness can lead to longer life, better health, and improved well-being. This one's easy... join us for our next Connecting lifework community day on Friday 19th January!

  7. Quality sleep Good sleep is so important: it boosts the immune system, regulates mood and metabolism, and can make you more productive, patient or creative. It can even prolong your life. The experts at The Sleep Project have lots of great tips on how to get better sleep.

  8. Gratitude practice “Gratitude heals, energizes and changes lives.” Loved this piece in The New York Times on why giving receiving and even witnessing gratitude can improve your wellbeing, and it can be as simple as scribbling something down and dropping it in a jar each day.

  9. Get a life (work membership!) A bright and beautiful space to work away from home without any distractions, with a great community of friendly, like-minded people. We understand that remote working has flexibility at its heart, so we have put together a range of options for you to be able to come and join us. Take a look.

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