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Our new page dedicated to day passes!

And to celebrate, we're offering you're first day with us as a freebie! 👇

If you haven't yet visited lifework, come and try us out for free. Use the code: FIRSTDAYFORFREE when booking to access the your free day pass.


If you're already a regular or you have visited us before, you'll know the drill already. Please book through the link below.


Either way we hope you book your ticket to a productive day's work in the beautiful surroundings of Hartley Farm and look forward to welcoming you through our doors 🔜 🙌

Day passes

Available for £20 

Bookable 60 days in advance (excl. VAT)

Why use our co-working space?

We think its important to mentionthere's free parking. So compared to working in Bath you're saving money before you've started. 

Saying that, we do encourage, for all who can, to consider walking, cycling or any other method under your own steam to get to your lifework coworking community. 

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Good for the environment   

A community workspace, designed around sustainable principles. Trying hard to decrease our and your impact on the environment. We won’t just be talking the talk but will be walking the walk. 


Good for you 

Less time spent commuting, whether that be in the car or on the train. Replace this and you’re able to spend more time with your loved ones, watching Netflix or gardening.


Good for your work 

Our spaces use design thinking to reflect what our members have told us they need – zoned spaces, with a variety of uses, ranging from silent spaces to more collaborative areas. Topped off with superfast broadband and a top-grade printer. 


Good for the community  

Create connections in your community – collaborate, meet and potentially develop business opportunities in the local area. 

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