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Meet the team: Community manager Tara

It’s meet the team part three! If you’ve been anywhere near lifework, there’s a high probability that you’ve met our *brilliant* Community Manager Tara, who’s been with us since day one. Tara works with us at lifework three days a week, and also runs her own life coaching and wild swimming business.

What's your favourite part of your job at lifework?

Meeting everyone who comes in and building relationships with our members. I like to make sure everyone feels welcome and included and that there's always enough tea and coffee on the go! Love a good chat too over a cuppa, lunch or a walk.

What are you excited about at lifework in 2023? It's been wonderful being on the lifework team since the very beginning and I'm particularly excited to see our membership grow and our events calendar fill up in 2023. I'm looking forward to Spring & expanding lifework activities into the great outdoors!

Cold water swimming is your passion, what's the draw? To put it simply, it's life changing! The big draw is that its outside, strengthening my connection to nature. Whatever mood you are in, you feel a million times better afterwards. Cold water has an incredible re-set capacity. It increases endorphins and dopamine and has numerous proven beneficial effects.

Which are your top swimming spots around Bath? I love to swim at Farleigh Hungerford, the world's oldest river swimming club and luckily it's my closest local spot. Warleigh Weir is also very beautiful and well worth a visit. If I'm swimming for exercise then Vobster Quay hits the spot with its 350m and 700m loops in stunning clear blue waters, just watch out for the divers 30 metres below you! A true wild swimmer never reveals all of their secret spots!

N.B please go with an experienced & trusted person for your first swim & learn about the swim spot, e.g river currents & levels & other dangers. If you'd like to book an introduction to Wild Swimming with Tara, or any of her other swim events or Wild Swimming Walks then please head on over to or email

You keep an emergency swimming bag in the car, if we emptied it right now, what would we find? The great thing is that you really don't need any fancy kit for wild swimming. But strangely you do find that there are suddenly all sorts of wonderful accessories that you must have!

In the emergency bag...

  • A pair of cheap water shoes, essential if you're a little squeamish about what might be under your feet!

  • Swimsuit (or not, if you're super brave)

  • Old towel (it WILL get muddy)

  • Carpet tile to stand on to get changed (see mud above)

  • Flask of tea and most importantly...

  • A piece of cake! I mean that's the real reason we're all doing this wild swimming isn't it ?!

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