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Meet the team: Community manager Kris

Community Manager Kris moved back to Bath in 2017 after spending 20 years in London studying, working in pharmaceutical publishing and having two babies. She loved London, but Bath is home. Kris is mum to Evan and Sam and wife to Karim. She loves swimming in all weathers, running, podcasts and cooking for friends.

You grew up in Bath. What have been your top discoveries since moving back? Larkhall – I grew up in Weston Village and didn’t venture to the London Road much. Now we live on the London Road and Larkhall is a treasure trove of independents. We visit the fruit & veg shop, Larkhall Butchers and Goodies deli at least once a week and can’t leave Leak giftshop or the bookshop empty handed!

Castle Farm café - I LOVE this place. My favourite place to eat in Bath. Amazing food, atmosphere and staff, all from a barn with stunning views over Midford valley.

Bath Share and Repair – a brilliant shop where you can get things repaired and borrow items rather than buying new. They also run repair cafes in and around Bath where we’ve taken a collection of repairable household items and they’ve brought them back to life.

The Giant Shepton Flea Market – not made it here yet but can’t wait to go and find some great bargains.

Community Manager is a new role for you, what were you doing before?

In my previous life, before starting a family and moving back to Bath, I worked as a publisher of pharmaceutical research journals. For the last 5 years I’ve been helping new mums as a breastfeeding peer supporter at the RUH and I also work as a PA to a disabled woman in Bath. A varied and wiggly career path!

In common with most of our team, you're a cold water swimmer. What does it do for you?

I love the challenge of getting into cold water and the feeling of tranquility after you get over the initial shock. Then there’s the warm-up with tea and chatter with great friends. It’s good for my mind, body and soul.

What have you been watching/listening to/reading of late that you have really loved?


- Watching Welcome to Wrexham and can’t wait to start the latest Succession

- Reading Papillon and just finished Lessons in Chemistry which I loved.

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