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Meet lifework community manager Sophie!

Updated: 5 days ago

We’re excited to introduce Sophie, our new Co-Working Community Manager! She joined us a month ago and is the friendly face who will greet you at lifework on Thursdays and Fridays, and a bit more than that over the summer.

Born and bred in Dublin, Sophie came to the UK for university and fell in love with Bath during her master’s at UoB in 2022, and now we are delighted to now have her on our team. With her energy and passion for building community, Sophie is here to make your lifework co-working experience amazing!

Scroll on for a quick Q&A with Sophie:

  1. What's your favourite part of your job so far at lifework? The inclusive and uplifting community feel, everyone is super welcoming!

  2. What are you looking forward to at lifework in the 2nd half of 2024? Better weather!! But more importantly, I am really looking forward to meeting more of lifework's memebers and learning what they do.

  3. What's your lifework balance? I am very sports orientated, I love the gym, running, yoga and I play tennis a couple of times each week!

  4. What are your Bath insider tips? Bath is such a great foodie city, some of my favourites are the Green Bird Cafe, Pintxos, Bosco and Landrace for the best cinnamon buns!

  5. What are you watching and listening to right now? I prefer reading to podcasts. But I love a good documentary, I just finished Unchained, diving into the Tour de France circuit behind the scenes.

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